Build Curriculum That Works.

Curriculum works best when everyone in the district benefits. Take a virtual tour of BYOC’s most useful and convenient features to see how the software can benefit administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Solid Foundation

BYOC’s user-friendly online framework allows you to house living, viable district curriculum in a format that guarantees ongoing and systematic growth across your district.

Instructional Consistency

Define consistent learning targets to ensure all students experience the same path of curriculum with smooth grade-to-grade and course-to-course transitions, regardless of the teacher or building.

Continuous Improvement

Once curriculum is written and entered, BYOC allows you to easily make incremental changes at any time, providing your district with opportunity to achieve continual improvement with a viable curriculum.

K-12 Vertical Articulation

Get a “big picture” view of how your curriculum guides instruction. Ensure courses are building upon and feeding into each other, and students are receiving the appropriate instruction for their grade level.

Standard Alignment

Align your curriculum to meet crucial state and national standards. Easily analyze your curriculum alignment within the BYOC database and address issues raised in standards-based assessments.


Create curriculum as unique as your district! Flexible design provides guidance to input curriculum without hindering district creativity, needs or beliefs. Define differentiations in a course, or note accommodations and modifications within a course.

Detailed Analytics

Measure accountability and build efficiencies in your curriculum with a variety of reporting features. Easily track and analyze information and export in the format you need (PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) for sharing with school boards or parents. A “Comments Report” aggregates course updates for PLC teams. Extensive course reports ensure that rigorous curriculum is being used with fidelity, and numerous standards reports ensure coverage and gap analysis.

Family and Community Engagement

BYOC makes sharing your curriculum easy. Use BYOC to publish curriculum online for public consumption, providing total transparency to students, families or the entire community.

Nationwide Network

Collaborate with over 500 districts to make curriculum better! Teachers can use the search function to discover and replicate entire courses, units, topics or activities from other districts, while also sharing their own curriculum.

Classroom Management

Ensure your curriculum is driving instruction in the classroom. Teachers can manage classroom activity with district-defined standards, aligned assessments, online assignments, discussion groups and a student portal complete with a calendar of targeted events and announcements.

Efficiency Tools

Standards, assessments, lessons and more are all housed together and accessible anywhere, anytime on BYOC, making course planning and collaboration more efficient. Conveniently share best practices with peers, while also continuously assessing and improving curriculum with ease.

K-12 Articulation and Visibility

Get a “big picture” view of the entire district’s curriculum and see where your course fits. Clearly determine what your students learned before entering your class and anticipate what they will need to know for following courses.

Organized Framework

Enter information into a practical and intuitive framework to achieve district-wide organization and consistency. Use filters and search capabilities to easily reference standards, courses, topics, or other details.

Sharing and Collaboration

Keep your curriculum fresh with cross-district sharing through BYOC’s nationwide network. Search for and replicate entire courses, units, topics, or activities. Also, streamline curriculum sharing within your own district to ensure overall alignment.

District-Driven Assessments

Define, manage and analyze both formative and district-wide common assessments as well as ever-changing state and national standards. Make improvements to ensure assessments and teaching are aligned and successful plans are retained while unsuccessful portions are removed.

Classroom Management

Use the “Student Portal” to lead discussions, make announcements, assign homework, and provide educational resources to students and parents. Continually build a pool of shared resources and communication tools that are aligned to the curriculum.

Education Overview

Parents can see the path of their child’s education by viewing district-wide curriculum plans online. A detailed view narrowed down to learning targets and homework assignments can help parents clearly understand what’s expected of their child course-to-course or even on a daily basis.

Student Portal

Students and parents can access assignments, participate in discussion groups, plus view announcements and events all in an organized online hub administered by teachers.

Classroom Consistency

BYOC ensures a consistent learning experience with smooth transitions from course to course, grade to grade, regardless of the teacher. Parents can expect to see their child experience continued steady growth as a direct result of well-designed courses and instruction.

Online Assessments

Teachers may adjust instruction to best match the strengths and weaknesses of students as measured by online assessments while still ensuring students are aligned to the district’s curriculum.