School Software Group Partners with Southeast Service Cooperative in Rochester MN to Provide Members BYOC

School Software Group has formally partnered with the Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) in Rochester, MN to bring BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC)—a world-class curriculum and assessment framework—to school districts in Minnesota.

“BuildYourOwnCurriculum is a product we believe will appeal to many districts we service. Last fall we surveyed our members regarding their needs and 70% of them indicated curriculum support was an area of need. Overwhelmingly, principals and curriculum coordinators indicated a lack of time and resources as their biggest headaches in curriculum management. Partnering with BYOC is a direct effort to enhance curriculum systems and drive efficiencies,” says Katie Schmitt, Development & Innovation Specialist for SSC. “We are excited that BYOC will help our schools maximize time and resources on the number one area impacting student learning – a viable curriculum.”

BYOC enables districts to bring the teaching and learning experience into an evolving documented process that is easy to use, accessible anywhere, and aligned district-wide. By simply entering curriculum once, then continuously assessing and improving, educators can save time on curriculum management, enter a process of continuous improvement, and shift focus to their true passion, teaching. It also provides access for parents and students to view assignments, participate in discussion groups, view announcements and events, and take online district-defined assessments.

School Software Group and BYOC already collaborate with 18 other educational service agencies across the country. The recent partnership with Southeast Service Cooperative will allow more Minnesota districts to take advantage of award-winning curriculum tools and help them to develop and implement standards-based curricula, assessments and instruction with a systematic process for sustaining, revising and improving.

School Software Group is an educational technology company focused on the success of K-12 school districts. Their award-winning web-based software, BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC), is currently being used in over 80,000 teachers across the country. With a strong focus on product innovation and simplicity, School Software Group works closely with district partners integrating the latest technology with ever-changing education standards to address the challenges facing today’s educators.

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Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC, ISD #921) is a public, non-profit agency started through Minnesota statutory authorization in July 1976. We serve over 80 public and private school districts, cities, counties, and other organizations in the 11-county southeast region of Minnesota. Member institutions enroll almost 82,000 preK-12 students and employ 17,500 employees. Student enrollment in school districts ranges in size from 100 to almost 18,000.

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