Monmouth Ocean ESC Reduces Curriculum Costs for Districts

Do your districts suffer from “initiative overload”? We often see staff running in too many directions to focus on a vital pillar of a successful school — curriculum. Christopher Rooney, Superintendent/CEO of the Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) in New Jersey, believes he has found the perfect solution to bring a well-articulated curriculum to his districts while saving them money.

Here is Chris’ story:

“As an educational service agency, one of our primary focuses is to ensure that our districts have the tools they need to be successful and have a positive impact on their students. We were asked by several member districts to investigate the use of an electronic curriculum platform to help them organize and align their district-wide curriculum.

After extensive research in the marketplace, we were pleased to find one of the best tools on the market, BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC). BYOC was the only platform that did not require a regurgitation of state standards. The BYOC platform allows any state or national standard to be populated and from there educators can begin to work directly on agreed-upon learning targets, unit designs, and lesson plans.

In speaking with regular operating district superintendents, they see the ability for teachers in all grade levels regardless of subject, to open BYOC, locate the standard to be taught and have multiple lessons and instructional activities available instantly. Using BYOC, teachers have access to their own lessons, lessons created by colleagues in their school or district, or lessons from other teachers in the BYOC network across the country. In addition to the “regular” activity addressing that standard, teachers can also identify differentiations for remedial work and more challenging activities for advanced students based on the same standards.

Building administrators can see in real time where teachers are in the actual curriculum, as opposed to repeatedly collecting lesson plans, reviewing lesson plans and approving lesson plans. Administrators can view each grade level’s progress within the scope and sequence of the curriculum on the BYOC platform, making classroom walk-throughs and teacher observations simple and informed.

Most districts adhere to a three or five-year curriculum cycle. Once districts begin using BYOC, the curriculum cycle should become a thing of the past. With BuildYourOwnCurriculum, educators update and revise the curriculum through their lessons plans in real time. Districts will no longer be spending funds to “unpack” state standards, reword standards, or for summer curriculum development teams.

For districts writing authentic curriculum, BYOC is the framework to use. It provides a simple way to develop curriculum, and a systematic approach to improving that curriculum over time. BYOC allows districts to get real value out of the time and effort they are investing in the process.

MOESC is pleased to be representing BuildYourOwnCurriculum throughout the state of New Jersey, and we highly recommend other educational service agencies throughout the AESA network reach out and begin discussions on forming a strategic partnership with BYOC. We are excited to be working alongside the BYOC team and eager to see the positive impact that their curriculum framework has on developing quality curriculum for our districts.”

For more information on how we partner with educational service agencies, feel free to call us or drop a quick email to get in touch!