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Attend an Upcoming Webinar

Are you interested in getting a closer look into BYOC? We invite you to join one of our weekly informational webinars, that align with our two editions of BYOC. Each session is under 60 minutes and have an open format so you can ask questions along the way.

Webinar 1 - Introduction to BYOC: Unified and Effective Curriculum and Instruction

We will explain the philosophy behind the software and walk you through a live demonstration of BYOC, focusing on our core product features of curriculum and instruction management.

Webinar 2 - BYOC+: The Curriculum-Driven Classroom

If you are a current BYOC customer, or if you have already attended the Introduction to BYOC webinar, we invite you to join us. During this session, we will explore the classroom management and assessment management features in the BYOC+ edition that enhance the curriculum management of our standard BYOC edition.